The Official Anti-Flip Stick® Golf Training Aid

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The Official Anti-Flip Stick® Impact Golf Swing Training Aid - $18.97


The Anti-Flip Stick® golf training aid is aimed at players who are battling the “flipping motion” / “casting motion” at or before impact.

Recent Testimonial from a PGA Professional

"This is one of my favorite training aides. With my supervision during a lesson, it really helps me show the golfer where their shaft needs to be and how the body works. And they can use it without supervision to continue their practice!"

Sherry Andonian Valley Country Club - Mountain View Country Club - LPGA Class A Life Member


  • START HITTING A DRAW & STOP PLAYING ARMY GOLF "LEFT, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT" Stop your hands from “flipping” or "breaking down" before impact and develop a repeatable, ball-first, solid impact that will improve your consistency, distance & lower your scores

  • INSTANT FEEDBACK Get instant, immediate swing feedback while you practice your golf swing. If it hits your side before you get to your impact position it's a pretty good bet your wrist broke down before impact and your right side didn't get through the ball.

  • SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE A Golf Training Aid that Works on all aspects of your golf swing with this one training aid - proper takeaway, wrist hinge, correct swing plane, solid impact, correct setup, & proper body turn.

  • PROPER IMPACT WILL GET YOU MORE YARDS & IMPROVED ACCURACY Will help you train your hands to hit down on the ball and square the clubface for a more powerful impact position. Improve your muscle memory and gain more yards off the tee.

  • 10 MIN./ DAY CAN CHANGE YOUR GOLF GAME Understand Proper Swing Plane – Get rid of the “over the top swing” that produces high slices or a “snap hooks”. This practice method has been endorsed by the best PGA Teachers such as Martin Hall, Hank Haney & More!

WHY USE THE The Anti-Flip Stick® to Help Your Golf Swing Get Better?

With so many golf training aids on the market, how can you tell which one is right for you?

My goal when creating the Anti-Flip Stick® was to create a training aid that was simple to use but would get me results.

Since I started using this training aid my handicap has gone down from a 10 to a 3. Plus, I'm avoiding those huge blow-up holes that rob you of a good score. I have a much better turn through my swing and am hitting a nice little draw. Most importantly, I'm getting more distance on all my clubs.

The Anti-Flip Stick® will help you get the proper feel of keeping your body turning during the golf swing. If you fail to continue to turn your body your hands will flip to help you get the ball in the air. The problem; you will lose consistency and distance. Not a fun golf swing to have :(

A proper takeaway is so important. If you have a bad takeaway it could be the reason you are "breaking down" your wrist before impact. If you are taking the golf club back to open this could be causing you to flip at the golf ball as well. When using this training aid, If you have the Anti-Flip Stick® slide down your lead leg when taking the club back, it will help you get in proper position and help you to hinge your wrist creating the nice "L" position.

Watch the video below to see how to use the Anti-Flip Stick® and how it can benefit your swing from the swing path to the impact position.

Recent Testimonials

…”The thing that surprised me the most is how much it really helps with my takeaway and backswing. If you swing with the stick in alignment with the ball/target line it really helps you swing on plane correctly. Following the tips that you laid out in the video and getting in some reps, I feel way more comfortable in my backswing. I would swear that the improvement in takeaway and backswing is contributing more to better impact than even the rotation!” – Customer Testimonial


“It’s not that impressive looking out of the box, but the Anti-Flip Stick is probably the best device I’ve ever used attempting to cure my lifelong flipping habit. Once attached to whatever club you wish (preferably a short iron at the beginning), the device trains you to keep turning your hips throughout the downswing, rather than stalling at or just before impact, which almost always results in a flip (clubhead passes the hands at impact).

You absolutely can’t make solid contact on a day-to-day basis unless the hands precede the shaft/clubhead at impact. The idea of the stick is to make sure the end of the stick (opposite the one sticking in the end of the club) doesn’t hit any part of your torso on the way through. Even if you think you don’t or won’t, you most likely will, because probably 90 percent of amateur golfers have the problem.”



The end of the Anti-Flip Stick® is 1" in diameter (made of rubber) and usually fits all standard sized grips.

It Will not fit Jr. kids clubs. (Clubs for kids that are very little)

If you have very large grips or very small grips it may not fit. Measure your grips to be sure

After purchase, I will send you an email with additional instructions and a video.

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Benefits of the Anti-Flip Stick® Golf Training Aid

  • Promotes proper lag and body turn through impact
  • Improves ball striking and consistency
  • Will help alleviate “Slices” & “Hooks” Plus “Fat” or “Thin Shots”
  • Hit crisper chip shots and full shots

Teaches Proper Impact & Swing Alignment
How to Use

1. Put the Anti-Flip Stick® onto the butt-end of a short iron.

2. Take your setup and keep the extended portion of the rod under your lead arm, resting lightly on your side.

3. Without hitting a ball, take a few slow, short and deliberate practice swings making sure that the Anti-Flip Stick® slides down your lead leg on your takeaway. Your goal is to keep the rod AWAY from your lead side in the through-swing until you finish with your arms just above waist high.

You should feel like you are hitting a "punch shot" under a tree branch. Your lead hand should feel like you are turning a door handle at the finish. The main goal is to not let the clubhead pass your hands.

**You can hit golf balls with the training aid on, but very slowly. It's best to use it on practice swings, then take off the Anti-Flip Stick® and hit golf balls.

After purchase, I will send you an email with additional instructions and a video.

*The Product will be shipped via USPS Ground Advantage within 1-2 days of ordering and should arrive in 3 - 4 days anywhere in the U.S. after that. For more information about our returns policies & payments accepted please click here.

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